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Top Paying Online Games Odds and House Edge

Casino Australians

Online gambling is without a doubt fun and exciting, but it's a well-known fact that most, if not all, players are in it for the money. In view of this, knowing what the top paying online games are is crucial if you're looking to maximize your winnings. Here are the top three casino games with the best payout odds.


A game's payout potential is determined by the casino edge or advantage on that particular game. The higher the house edge, the lower the pay-out potential and vice versa. All variations of Blackjack have an average house edge of 2 to 3%, this can be lowered to 1% with a solid strategy. To maximize your winnings on Blackjack, you have to know which bets to place and when to place them.

On the paytable, you'll see something of the likes of 3 to 2, this basically means that you will get $3 back for every $2 you wager. Certain variations of the game may pay 2 to 1; these are even better odds because the edge is reduced significantly. You should however avoid a 6 to 5 offering, because you will potentially lose money and on a much larger scale. Top Paying Online Games


Baccarat is the ideal gambling activity for high rollers and punters with average bankrolls. It's a pretty simple game with varying house edges, unlike Blackjack. Typically, the game requires you to pick between three betting options, i.e. Player's bet, banker's bet and tie bet. The house edge is significantly bigger on a tie bet, so ideally you would want to place a player's or banker's bet. You should however note that a 5% commission is charged on all bets placed on the bank.

Baccarat odds are slightly more complicated than those of blackjack. In spite of this, the pay-out potential is still high, especially if players place tie bets.


Top Paying Online Games

Unlike Blackjack and Baccarat, Roulette offers several betting options. The house edge on the game is an average 5%, while this is significantly higher than the ones mentioned above; it's relatively lower than the casino advantage on other casino activities. For this reason, it's among the top paying online casino games.

You'll find that pay-outs are expressed as X to 1. In a nutshell, this means that for every dollar you wager, you'll win X amount. There are inside and outside bets and they all have different pay-out odds. For instance, an inside split bet pays 17 to 1, whereas outside column bets pay-out 2 to 1.

These top paying online games may seem complicated, but they're really simple and once you get the hang of calculating odds and payouts, playing them becomes a no-brainer. The key to maximize your winnings isn't to place hefty bets, instead, you should have a solid strategy in motion. Furthermore, most casinos offer instant withdrawals on these gambling activities, so you won't have to wait ages for your money. Click here to learn more about Australian online casinos with the best games.